Dictate everything on your iPhone – for free in Swedish!

Foto 2014-09-25 19 34 32A great feature that I tried to show a colleague today, is being able to dictate anything in any app – anywhere.

A feature that allows you to respond to text messages in the car, answering emails in the car, or write diary, essays or short stories.

It is actually possible to write a complete novel by voice.

The problem was, we could not find the setting.

At first we thought that the setting was under normal help settings. Then we went to  keyboard settings. Finally, we realized how easy it was.

If you activate Siri the function starts. That’s all …

It’s not very pedagogically of a company like Apple, but it works by Siri activates the button even though Siri really only works in English. When you have activated Siri you get the button on the Swedish keyboard as well.

Press the button and talk –  the phone is great at listening and understanding your words. Until the day Siri is available in Swedish, this is a feature that really should receive more attention.

We have lots of professionals in health care, social care and a lot of companies that use dictation every day, or would if they had this help.

This is a fantastic feature that is hidden from everyone who has turned Siri off. Share your story and tell us what you think.