New jobfinder app from LinkedIn. This one with focus on jobs, nothing else.

12 maj, 2015
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12 maj, 2015 Fredrik Mattsson

New jobfinder app from LinkedIn. This one with focus on jobs, nothing else.

A new app from LinkedIn separates the app with jobs only. This time with features for easier and better search and possibility to keep track on job offers nearby.image1

LinkedIn Job Search by LinkedIn Corporation

If you are looking for a job then there is a new app from LinkedIn to keep track and find them for you. No social network part but only work, staff and finding the right job.
You can filter and keep track of jobs that you specify by location or interests.

For those looking for a job in Sweden: An alternative app in Sweden is Arbetsförmedlingens own app Platsbanken, that has been around for a good while and does a pretty good job.

Another popular app in Sweden is Indeed.
This app has managed to gather jobs and offers from many different job search providers, thus making it easy to find jobs.


Jobb av

These are made for a Swedish users and which one to use is hard to say, its a matter of taste for the most part.
One thing is for sure, LinkedIn is going to spend lots of money in making and taking marketing shares. Now when the social media war is on.

LinkedIn is now separating their features into different smaller apps, time will tell if that is a wise strategy.

Fredrik Mattsson

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